The normal process of sanding floors is pretty straightforward and will be explained through the inspection and quoting stage of the work.

This is “Vinnie”….named after Vince Jones…yep because shes as tough a the man himself.


Finishes are chosen based on three key areas, personal taste, the type of flooring to be coated, and general use of the area. There are many products on the market making many claims but a professional floor-sander can wade through all the marketing hype and find the best product for your floors.

The three main finishes Murphy and Co Floorcraft use are Stains, Polyurethane, and Hard Wax Oils. All of which have differing looks and functionality.


Rates will vary depending on the actual work involved, condition of the floor, coating system required and are discussed at the inspection stage. All these are explained in plain English when we come to inspect your flooring and talk about what you hope to achieve.

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