Do you have an issue with your flooring? Do you need a report to assist with an insurance claim or damage by tenants? Or to help get your bond back?

We can assist with reports and advice of varying depth depending on your requirements

What we inspect

Damage to flooring can occur many different ways from something like obvious physical damage (e.g. furniture being dragged or flooding) to something not so obvious (e.g. minor leak from a window flashing or incorrect installation) and everything in between. Our investigative reports are designed to deliver the possible causes and how to rectify them.

We have a relatively standard procedure for inspections which, when conducted, includes a number of physical and environmental measurements, photography, questioning, and historical fact finding, to develop a reasonable explanation of what has occurred.


General inspections for the purposes of quoting are free. However if written reports or affidavits are required then a rate of $54 per hour is charged for travel, the inspection, and writing time. The average report, depending on complexity, distances to travel, and any other costs, usually requires a half to one hours travel, one to two hours to inspect, and one to two hours writing time. This would equate to around $135 – $270 as an estimate. This would not include extra time such as getting affidavits notorised or any further research time as required. All fees for this service must be paid prior to report / affidavit being released.