Property Management & Landlord Services

Hardwood flooring in a rental property can take a beating. It is important that investment property owners, property managers, and tenants, are aware of the care, maintenance, and limitations, of hardwood flooring and its coatings.

If you have a tenant damage a floor it can be a costly exercise to repair, sometimes more than the bond held, and that can mean time and energy wasted trying to recoup the money still owed.

Murphy & Co Floorcraft recommend that regular maintenance coating, or sanding and coating with a suitable Heavy Duty or repairable finish, is carried out on timber floors in a rental property in between tenancies. Also maintenance coating should be carried out, depending on use, every 4-7 years in a domestic environment.

We are only too happy to come and do an inspection and quote due to damage by a tenant. However we do charge an upfront fee of $88 to be paid prior to quoting. This fee will be taken off the quote if we are to be awarded the work. We have unfortunately had to charge this due to a number of landlords and tenants getting quotes only to have the amount deducted from a bond. Which is fair enough. Although, as you can appreciate, it costs us in time traveling, inspecting, and writing up a quote. Time we could be on a job working and earning a dollar.

If you require a written maintenance plan that can be given to your tenants for future reference we are only too happy to email you a generic one free of charge. Or alternatively have us come out and inspect the premises and write a customised plan for $88. Feel free to Contact Us