What Coating Do I Use?

There are literally hundreds of coatings for hardwood floors, decks, cork flooring, parquet….which one suits? It all boils down to a few key points.

What type of flooring are you using?

This can be the biggest factor in deciding the best coating system to use. Where hardwood can take most coating types, cork cannot due to its porous nature. Some timbers take stains better than others, some coatings have adverse reactions on certain timber species, some suffer from ‘grain raise’ or ‘tannin bleed’ more than others. Therefore talking to your flooring professional can avoid potential costly problems.

What finish do you desire?

This is where personal taste comes into play. Generally there are two main areas to consider, sheen level, and, colouring.

Sheen level refers to the ‘shine’ or ‘gloss level’ of the product. Those that require a extra high level of gloss lean towards a 2 pack solvent based gloss, whereas matt or extra matt finishes can be achieved through waxes or 2 pack water based finishes more effectively.

Colouring refers to the effect that the finish has on the flooring. Natural colouring can be achieved through regular clear coating. This will darken the colour somewhat from the sanded appearance, but not change the overall hue. Staining or white washing a timber will change the overall colour.

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